The college has formed various societies in form of club, cells etc. for different purposes to enhance the students’ welfare and smooth running the college. Some specific societies are as:

Youth Red Cross Society

As a part of International Red-Cross and Red Crescent Movement YRC Society has been formed to provide the relief in times of disasters/emergencies and promoting health and care of vulnerable people and communities. College has one unit of YRC consisting of 50 volunteers. 


Mr Anil, Assistant Professor in Geography

   Following activities were conducted during the session 2019-20




25 Sept, 2019

One day Workshop on Women Security and Self defense

MDU Rohtak

4 Nov, 2019

Orientation Programme for Youth Red Cross Volunteers and Counselors of UTD/ Colleges

MDU Rohtak

22 Jan, 2020

Red Ribbon Club – One Day Training Programme for RRC on HIV/ AIDS

L.N. Hindu College, Rohtak

8 Feb, 2020

Competitions- Speech, Poster Making, Poem Recitation Under Red Ribbon Club.

G.C. Meham

2-6 March, 2020

Training/ Health Awareness Camp

All India Jat Heroes College, Rohtak

Entrepreneurship Development Club

College has established an Entrepreneurship Development Club and the club is constantly working towards creation of new entrepreneurs to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Inculcating entrepreneurial spirit and culture
  2. Providing employment opportunities to students and create employers and entrepreneurs
  3. Grooming skills to run the industry effectively
  4. Arranging guest lectures, seminars, one to one interactions
  5. Assisting students in sourcing finance, recognizing market, preparation of business plan and product development.

Club Composition


Dr Sunil Kumari




Ms Priyanka, Convenor Placement Cell

Ms Jyoti, Convenor, Legal Literacy Cell

Ms Anju, HOD, English Deptt.

Ms Pinki Rani, HOD, Hindi Deptt.

Ms Priyanka, HOD, Maths

Mr Sandeep Sharma, HOD Physics



International Women Day was celebrated by organizing a workshop on women entrepreneurship on 7 March, 2020 in which Ms Ritu Kaushik, a well-known women entrepreneur honored by Chief minister, Haryana, visited the college to inculcate the entrepreneurship skills in the college women The club has generated many successful entrepreneurs in various fields who are associated with the college.


To associate the students at large with “Live Projects” is the core plan of club during the session 2020-21

Cell for Gender Sensitization and Sexual Harassment Protection

As the college is committed to provide to all its students and employees an environment that is gender equitable, it has a Cell for Gender Sensitization and Sexual Harassment Protection. The cell was constituted along the guidelines prescribed by the honorable Supreme Court of India. The cell aims to inculcate gender sensitivity amongst all the stakeholders of the college. Its composition is:


Ms Mamta, Assistant Professor in Sanskrit


Mr Anil, Assistant Professor in Geography

Ms Pinki, Rani Assistant Professor in Hindi

Dr Sumer Singh, Assistant Professor in Defense Studies

Ms Manju Yadav, Assistant Professor in Commerce

 This cell submits its Action Taken Report to D.C Rohtak and S.D.M Meham. This cell addresses and resolves the gender issues arisen in the college premises. Till the date all issues registered therein have been dealt as it should have been.

Achievements: All specific areas like Library, Girls Common Rooms, Art Block, Commerce Block, Science Block, Defence Lab and Open Playgrounds are in the surveillance of C.C.T.V Cameras. Three watchmen are posted to check the security all around the campus. An Entry Register is placed on gate to keep a record of visitors. Along with many other committees a Proctorial board has also been framed and period wise duties are assigned to Assistant and Associate Professors to maintain discipline in corridors and ground. Time to time self-defence trainings are organized by women cell to equip girl students with self defence skills. A Police PCR does continuous patrolling all around the campus .Girls are advised to remember the important police helpline numbers. These contact details are displayed on common room display boards. A lady care taker is also appointed to take care of girls’ common rooms. College has a suggestion box as well as complaint box to get the feedback of initiatives taken by administration.

Women Cell

To create the awareness of women rights, empowerment and ensure the their safety women cell has been set up and headed by Ms Mamta. Cell conducted following activities during the session 2019-20 

v  An extension lecture on “Legal Rights of Women” was organized on 28 Sept, 2019 to create the awareness of women rights and challenges faced by women as well as governing system at ground level implications thereof.

v  As college is also committed to provide the healthy environment to achieve the academic excellence. Moving on this line, two days i.e. 11-12 Oct, 2019 yoga camp was conducted to strengthen the college females physical as well as mental capabilities.

v  An extension lecture on “Crimes against Women” was conducted under the Meham Police Awareness Programme on 6 Nov, 2019 to contribute in women safety.

v  An Awareness Camp under the ageis of Child Protection Unit, Rohtak was organized on 19 December, 2019.

v  An extension lecture on “Women Empowerment” was held on 1 Feb, 2020.

v  A special extension lecture on “Chhoo le Asman” was held on 15 Nov, 2019.

v  Rakhi Making, pot making and Mehandi competitions were organized on 13- 14 August.2019 by women cell.


The college also framed a grievance cell to deal with problems of students. There are four female candidates elected in student council elections. President and vice presidents are female. It shows scale of security and safety in institution. Durga Shakti App (digital app for women launched by Haryana Government) has been installed in the girls' mobiles.

Grievance Cell

This is a centralized cell to look into the grievances relating to infrastructure, academics and support systems. The mandate of the cell is to address grievances in an efficient and swift manner.

Legal Literacy Cell

The Legal Literacy Cell strives to create awareness among young minds about their legal rights. It empowers them to fight against injustice in domestic and social life and encourages them to help their fellow citizens.



Ms Jyoti


Mr Anil Chahal

Mr Surender Singh

Mr Madan

 Objectives :

  1.          To make students aware of their legal rights
  2.          To create awareness among students about the Fundamental Duties enshrined in our Constitution and encouraging them to be responsible citizens
  3.          To spread Legal Literacy and awareness in nearby areas by organizing rallies and other events.
  4.          To observe important Days such as World Environment day, World Day against Child Labour, Women’s Day, National Legal Services Day etc. and spread message about the aim and object of those days.


A multi-activity event was organized including Poetry, Slogan Writing, Poster Making, Painting, Documentary and Skit. Winners of the  events participated at District Level Inter College Competitions.


During the Session 2020-21, we will focus on increasing the legal literacy and to bring it into actual practice  through organizing Rallies, Guest lectures, Multi-activity competitions etc.

National Cadet Corps (NCC) Unit

Care Taker Officer (Boys): Mr. Anil, Assistant Professor in Political Science

Care Taker Officer (Girls): Ms Seema Ranga, Assistant Professor in Chemistry

There are two units for boys  and  girls  separately. Girls’ unit consisting of 18 and boys of 54 cadets. Both units are very responsive, learning and continuously evolving a sense of patriotism. Every year NCC cadets participate in sub-divisional level parade and contributed in following activities too:





15 August, 2019

Independence Parade


2 oct, 2019

Paulithin-Mukt Bharat


26 Jan, 2020

Participation in Republic Day Parade


19 Feb, 2020


The only girls’ unit in Haryana State that participated in COVID-19 Training Program during lock down period

National Service Scheme (NSS)

As a part of Indian Govt. Public Service Program, an NSS unit consisting of 100 boys and 100 girls separately for each has been working efficiently.

Programme Officer (Boys Unit)

Mr. Anil, Assistant Professor in Geography


Dr. Sumer Singh, Assistant Professor in Defense Studies

Mr. Deepak, Assistant Professor in Geography


Programme Officer (Girls Unit)

Ms Pinki Rani, Assistant Professor in Hindi


Ms Manju Yadav, Assistant Professor in Commerce

Ms Romy, Assistant Professor in English

 Following activities were conducted during the session 2019-20


Duration of Initiative


Issues Addressed


Jal Shakti Abhiyan

Importance of Water Conservation


Tree Plantation

Environment Protection


Fit India Movement

Motivation about Yoga and Exercise


One Day NSS Camp

Cleanliness (Polythene Free Campaign)





Plogging and Farm Visit

Aware the students about crops and importance of Farming


Second NSS One Day Camp



National Unity day Celebration

Run for Unity


Organizing Prabhat Pheris

Awareness about Stuble Burning


Extension Lecture

Child and Women Awareness


Three days’ Workshop on Road Safety attended by students in MDU Rohtak

Road Safety


Third One Day NSS Camp






Seven Days NSS Camp